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Is 10,000 words a day possible?

Many of us write as a second job, around family commitments, spouses, children.  I consider a good writing day to be any day when I can get words on paper and feel creative when the day job is done.


But is it possible to write huge amounts of words on a daily basis?


I found this blog post a while ago and have been taking a great deal of inspiration from it. Rachel Aaron is a favorite new author of mine, and what she says makes a lot of sense.


I’m astounded by her progress, and I’ve applied some of her ideas to my writing. Lo and behold, those days I’d typically only get 500 words down started to become rare. Now I regularly get 3,000 or more. Granted, those days aren’t every writing day, but I have more 3,000-5,000 word days than ever.


Rachel’s techniques won’t work for everyone, but it is well worth the time to read her post and see if any of her suggestions work for you. I’m a very visual writer, so I find that drafting out a scene and writing the highlights of it in a notebook—virtual or physical—helps me to take it from mental visualization to appearing on the page. And it often doubles my word count.


I’m also a numbers girl, which makes no sense because math was never my strong suit. But by keeping a numbers grid of my daily progress, I find it self motivating. Who knew I was so self-competitive? Hey, whatever works!!


Speaking of self competition, have you ever tried Write or Die? They have a download of the program as well as an online version. This helps me to boost my wordcount, as I’m writing literally against the clock, for my own benefit. If you need visual motivation, there is also, which gives you an adorable kitten picture for every writing goal you meet.


I come from a family of writers, and we’ve all bandied these ideas around a bit. What works for one person might not work for another, but what do you have to lose by trying these techniques?


Happy writing!