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We have a nice selection for you this week.


MIA’S COP CRAVING 2 – Double Teamed by Malia Mallory

Mia is just your normal girl next door with a secret. She can’t resist a man in blue! Join Mia as she continues her adventures with sexy police officer Rogan. This time he helps make her ménage à trois fantasy a reality.

This ebook contains graphic depictions of masturbation, oral sex, anal sex and sex with multiple partners. It is intended for persons 18+ only.


ANUS CRIME by Cheri Verset

Police officer McGregor catches trespasser Gracie getting off in a stranger’s house and blackmails her: rough sex or prison. But that’s not enough. She needs to be punished, anally! Will Gracie allow herself to be degraded in order to avoid jail?

ANUS CRIME by Cheri Verset



There are 7 paranormal erotic stories in this bundle and they are as follows: “The Monster in my closet” “The Monster in my closet 2″ “Doctor Jekyll and Ms.Hyde” “The House on the Hill” “The House on the Hill 2″ “Little Red” and “The Haunted House”



“Have you ever been cold, Miller? Cold and without hope at the same time? You understand being without hope, don’t you?”

Miller understands better than most, and when he finds Janice cold and alone in the park with nowhere to go, he takes her in. But Miller doesn’t want someone else in his apartment, reminding him of his ex. He hopes that by the time he returns from work, she’ll have disappeared, even if she takes all his possessions with her, making public his stupidity. But Janice isn’t like Nadine, whose leaving sent him into a self-imposed exile.

“I pay my debts, Miller,” she tells him.



Brayden is out on the prowl for some hot man meat. The evening turns into more than he expected—an extraordinary night of wildly erotic sex driven by lust.



GANGBANG SEX PARTY (Confessions of a Stripper #3 ) by Kitty Fine

Erotica author Kitty Fine shares some of her sexy experiences in Gangbang Sex Party. This is the third short story of her semi-autobiographical series, Confessions of a Stripper. “Desire” goes back to stripping, but this time she takes it all off. After working at a club as a waitress and dancing topless, she returns to the first club she worked as an all nude dancer. When one of her regulars asks her to work a private bachelor’s party and gangbang, what will she do? Warning! Contains: m/f/m/m, gangbang sex, nude stage dancing, nude lap dancing, and multiple toe-curling orgasms.



It’s late in the evening and the cocktail bar is almost empty. When Jackie gets talking to the barman she doesn’t expect to start sharing stories of her exploits with Mel and Neil… she doesn’t expect the barman to tell her about some of the things he’s seen here at the bar. But once you start that kind of conversation it’s a slippery slope and it’s not long before Jackie and the barman are inventing an altogether new cocktail of their own.

This book also includes a complete free bonus story: Forbidden Fruit.


SEDUCED BY THE ANGEL(Divine Fornication I, An Erotic Story of Angels,
Vampires and Werewolves) by Aimelie Aames

An erotic, paranormal story:

Claire Sawyer’s life is about to change in a way that she never could have imagined.

Blind since a terrible childhood accident, she dies for the second time in her relatively short life only to find herself in the arms of an angelic being. Is he her guardian angel, or the monster responsible for the death of her parents so many years ago? Claire will search for her answers as she is swept up into events involving the divine and their relation to the vampires and werewolves that she encounters in her incredible journey to discover the truth.

POOL SHARKS – An Erotic Story (Group Sex) by Lynn Mixon

Bridget and Callie made extra money by finding overconfident men to skin at pool, and using their feminine wiles to take the sting out of the loss. That worked just fine until they met Luke and Ray. They wanted to play, but not for money. Bridget impulsively bet them their clothes. She’d risk going naked to see them lose. What would she be willing to do to win?


BREASTFEEDING MY BROTHER – An Erotic Story (Sibling Fantasies) by Amber Adams

Amy was feeding her little girl when her brother came home from college. He didn’t notice she was nursing until he was already sitting down and his embarrassment amused her. Then she saw how her breastfeeding made his cock rise. His arousal turned her on, so she summoned her courage and offered him a drink right from the source. Would his thirst overcome his resistance?


PUTTING THE BABY IN BABYSITTER – An Erotic Story (Impregnation Sex) by Amber Adams

Jerry and his wife had an important dinner to attend, so they called their neighbor Amber to watch their baby. She was so hot that Jerry was surprised his wife even let her in the house. When they came home early, found her watching porn, and using his wife’s dildo, they decided to give her what she was asking for. When she asked Jerry to make her pregnant, would he give her that, too?


DADDY’S SORORITY SEDUCTION – An Erotic Story (Daddy Fantasies) by Amber Adams

Allison’s invitation to her sorority induction party told her to bring a handsome, unattached man as her guest. Her sexy stepfather was the perfect choice. Once they arrived, she found out that the six women in charge intended to seduce him. They offered to help her join them without his knowledge. Could she have anonymous sex with her handsome stepfather without getting caught?


MY DAUGHTER’S NEW BIKINI – An Erotic Story (Daddy Fantasies) by Amber Adams

Aaron’s stepdaughter and her friend invited him to join them in the pool after their shopping trip and he agreed. He wouldn’t be able to spend time with her after she left for college. He had second thoughts when he saw how skimpy their bikinis were. Then they asked him to put sunscreen on them. Would one touch be enough? How would they react if they knew how much they turned him on?

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