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We are always working to improve the OHW blog.  I’d like to take the opportunity to point out our latest additions.  Check the widgets on the right and you’ll notice the addition of Podcasts by Alex Anders and further down you’ll find a sexy link to our author’s flash fiction titles.  If there is ever something you want to see and don’t please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to fulfill your request.  Now on to this week’s New Releases…we have some fantastic selections…enjoy.

BREASTFEEDING MY BOSS – An Erotic Story (Lactating Sex) By Lynn Mixon

Angie was nervous returning to work after having her baby, but her boss welcomed her with open arms. It doesn’t take long for her to see he’s fascinated by the idea of her breastfeeding. When he walks in on her while she is pumping her milk, she decides to take a chance and offer him a drink. She’s wanted him since day one and now all he has to do is say yes. Will he take that first sip?


HUNGRY FOR A STEPBROTHER SANDWICH – An Erotic Story (Sibling Fantasies) By Amber Adams

Danni wasn’t the best time at the family reunion, but she knew how to change that. Her hot stepbrothers had a reputation for sharing women and she wanted her turn. When she found them in bed with one another, the opportunity seemed perfect. Could they get over her finding them in a hot sixty-nine and satisfy her hunger to be sandwiched between them?


MILKING MY DAUGHTER – An Erotic Story (Daddy Fantasies) by Amber Adams

Clark was running late and his stepdaughter would be over with her baby soon. He rushed his shower and then walked out in his boxers to start dinner. Only she was already there and nursing her baby. The sight her breastfeeding seriously turned him. He made it into the kitchen before she saw his erection, but could he escape before she found out? What would she do if she caught him?


MY SISTER’S NEW TITS – An Erotic Story (Sibling Fantasies) By Amber Adams

Paul had returned home from three combat tours in Afghanistan, wounded in body and soul. When his stepsister picked him up at the airport, he was astounded by how much she’d grown. Especially her breasts. When she saw his pain and desire, she made it plain that she wanted to have sex with him. He wanted her, but knew it was wrong. Could he resist her determined effort to heal him?


DANCING WITH MY SISTERS – An Erotic Story (Sibling Fantasies) by Amber Adams

Jason’s stepsisters had decided to go clubbing. Their skimpy outfits made him decide he’d better go with them to beat off the men. Things got a little crazy on the dance floor, so he cut in on them. When they discovered their dirty dancing had turned him on, there was no stopping them from trying to seduce him on the spot. Could he get them home with all their clothes still on?


TAKEN BY THE VAMPIRE (Divine Fornication II, An Erotic Story of Angels, Vampires and Werewolves) By Aimelie Aames

Claire awakens in a hospital room to find a man sitting quietly,
waiting for her. Except that he is no ordinary man, adorned as he is with dark wings and burning in black flames.

Is it the angel of death, come to take her away at last? Or is he the lord of all vampires, come to steal the prize from his adversary, the Messenger, the being who has healed Claire’s blindness?

Flying high above the city lights in his cold arms, Claire shall find herself brought to a lonely fortress where blood drinkers await her and werewolves roam the darkness, all of them waiting for the ravishment to come.


CLAIMED BY THE WOLF (Divine Fornication III, An Erotic Story of
Angels, Vampires and Werewolves) by Aimelie Aames

From certain doom at the hands of vampires, Claire Sawyer finds herself surrounded by hundreds of wolves. Are they her saviors, or the culmination of the doom that follows her at every turn?

Cursed or no, Claire must fight for her survival, even if that means becoming one of them, wolves in heat with just one thing in mind.


MILK MAID TO ORDER 2: Serving Mr. Grogan by Alexx Andria

When Caroline agreed to be the particular Mr. Grogan’s personal maid, she had no idea just how personal things would get between them but she soon learned that Mr. Grogan’s particular tastes were just a bit kinky — and she liked it. Now, she’s his personal milk maid, always ready at his beck and call, but is she ready for what Mr. Grogan wants now?

This 5,200 short story is intended for mature readers only. It features acts of lactation play that some may find objectionable. If you’re not at least 18 years of age, please find something else to read.

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