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SUBMISSIVE UNAWARE (A Quick and Dirty wth Ginny Title) by Michelle Cary

When Nolan Fennimore returns home after a long day at work, the last thing he expects is to end up in bed with his sexy neighbor Lili Delgado. After finding Lili crying in her car, Nolan convinces her to let him make her dinner. Casual conversation slowly turns to confessions of sexual secrets. Before long Nolan can’t contain his need any longer. When Lili say’s yes to him taking her to bed, he all but jumps for joy.

But Lili has a secret that even she wasn’t aware of…deep down, Lili is a submissive and Nolan is just the Dom to show her what she’s been missing.


LEARN TO OBEY: Step-Daddy’s Sex Slave #2 by Cherry Allen

Desperate for college tuition money, Amber reluctantly agreed to be Greg’s sex slave for the summer. She got a taste of what serving her former step-father would be like in “Worship Your Master,” the first story in the Step-Daddy’s Sex Slave series. In this 11,000-word sequel, Greg and Amber start on a journey of domination and submission that could lead to unexpected pleasures, a new understanding, and maybe something more.



Molly continues her hell-raising road trip!

She teases a mysterious motorcyclist, but he roars off before she come through on her promise. Will their paths cross again?

This 3,400 word story contains solo sexing, fun toys and m/f public sex.


WHAT LISA DID NEXT by Katie Cramer

The sensational sequel to Katie Cramer’s red-hot “What Lisa Did” is here!Three weeks have passed since Lisa’s liaison with hunky male escort Dan in a London hotel room. She travels to Venice with best friend Julia for a night of erotic masked sex, unbeknown to husband Rob. What follows will change her life forever. Meanwhile, her husband finds a memory card hiding in a desk drawer, the contents of which will blow their marriage – and sex life – apart…


DADDY’S GIRL 4: My Two Daddies (An Ex-Stepdaughter and Daddy Sex Erotica Short Story) by Kitty Fine

In this fourth story in the Daddy’s Girl series, 19-year-old sex addict Kim continues to tell her story from her bad girl point of view. After seducing Ted, her ex-stepdad, Kim can hardly wait for more naughty adventures with him. When Ted surprises her by bringing around Mike, her other hunky ex-stepdad who she’s always wanted, Kim decides she must have him, too. As they drink poolside, how will she convince her two ‘daddies’ to give her a hot, outdoor DP double team?


FORGIVE ME FATHER (Pseudo Incest/Priest/Ex-StepDaughter and Daddy Sex) by Kitty Fine

Maria, 19 year old Catholic schoolgirl and transfer student, wants to finish her last year with a bang. Sexually frustrated and ready to move on from her ex-boyfriend, she plans to lose her virginity in church with John. But when Father Mark, her sexy ex-stepdad parish priest, catches them in the act, she decides she’s not leaving the pews until she gets what she wants. This satisfying erotic short story (approx. 3,300 words) contains adult material that may offend including: m/f ex-stepdaddy / daughter sex, priest sex and virgin sex in the church pews with multiple mind-numbing orgasms, as told from a naughty Catholic schoolgirl’s point of view.


THE MASSAGE (An Erotic Massage Sexy Erotica Short Story) by Kitty Fine

A month after her boyfriend moves out of her NYC apartment, Jen feels tense, overworked and sexually frustrated. On a whim, she orders a private, at-home massage for the first time to ease her tension. When a hunky and skilled masseuse shows up, he finds a way to get her completely relaxed, and helps her take charge. This short but satisfying eroticstory (approx. 2,000 words) contains adult material that may offend including: an erotic m/f sensual massage, hot sex, oral sex and multiple orgasms, as told from her point of view.

DRINKS ON ME by Saffron Sands

Miranda finds herself alone after years of marriage with a spouse who enjoyed her lactating breasts.

Unwilling to give up the satisfaction lactating brings to her, Miranda goes to a college bar with one thing in mind… finding a hot set of young lips to ease the discomfort in her engorged bosom.

When she realizes her secret fantasy of sex with multiple strangers could easily be a reality, she surrenders her fears and lets the men in the bar open her to a new world of sexual gratification.

Mature content warning: This 5,760 word short story is intended for adults 18 years and older. This erotic story includes M/F/M/M/M/M, Anal, DP, Oral, Gangbang, M/F and Lactation.

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Amber wants Jason in the worst possible way. But her mom’s hunky ex still thinks of her as just a little girl. When she follows Jason into an adult bookstore and learns about his secret gloryhole fetish, Amber comes up with a plan.

Maybe she can have the man of her dreams after all – as long as he doesn’t find out!

An erotic short story of approx. 7,500 words featuring hot step-father/step-daughter gloryhole oral sex.



A basketball coach stumbles upon two students getting frisky in the showers. When peeping isn’t enough, he joins Asian virgin Mandy and introduces her to the joys of sex! But every fantasy has its consequence… 9,500 words.

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