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Sometimes when I’m lacking in inspiration I peruse what’s trending on the Hot New Release page. Truthfully, sometimes I’m baffled by what’s hot and what’s not but by challenging my own views I’ve found my way into some really hot stories that I might not have found otherwise. But it made me wonder, as erotica writers chase trends and kinks, what do our readers think about this merry zig-zag? I love writing paranormal but I was afraid to take that leap into the unknown because paranormal wasn’t my bread and butter as a traditionally published author. My “thing” if you will, is gritty contemporary romance but truthfully, my reading pleasure is usually found in paranormal or historical romance novels. So when I started writing erotica, I desperately wanted to try my hand at something “otherworldly.” My first foray was a vampire erotica romance novella that I wrote under my own name. It did moderately well enough that readers are always asking for the sequel. This gave me the confidence to go a little deeper and try my hand at really hot erotica, no-holds-barred, batten-down-the-hatches-and-hold-the-fuck-on, which is what happened when I wrote my Breeding Prophecy series. My God, I had a blast. It was alternately disturbing and sexy — two words that aren’t typical bed fellows in my world — and I was hooked. But I never would’ve thought to try it if I hadn’t seen a number of werewolf stories hitting the Hot New Release list. The best part? My readers have really responded to the new series, even though I don’t usually write paranormal. I think that’s what I love the most about indie publishing. I can write whatever I want and no on is telling me that my readers don’t want that kind of story from me. I can write whatever tickles my fancy and whatever sparks my creativity. There’s something very liberating about freefalling into the creative pool. So, yes, I’m gleefully chasing trends and trying my hand at whatever sparks an interest in me. So far, my readers don’t seem to mind if I jump from billionaires to beasts and I’m happy to keep bouncing around.

How do you feel about your favorite author chasing a trend? Pull up a cyber chair and let’s spark a discussion. I’m all ears. :-)



P.S. You might’ve noticed that I totally spaced my Monday post, which is why I’m posting today. I chastised my phone for not alerting me properly and it is now set to remind me so it’s back to every other Monday for this gal. Sorry for the confusion!

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  1. TheOthers1 says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s nice to read a variety of things from the same author and as long as it’s done well there’s not going to be much of a complaint from me. I will have to check out your series though. I’m a fan of paranormal especially werewolves. :)

  2. Excellent! Always nice to hear that readers are happy to come along for the ride. Of course, now that I’ve had a taste, all I want to write is paranormal. LOL! The lure of the supernatural is almost too seductive. But it’s all good. I’m having fun and enjoying the ride.

  3. mrsfever says:

    There’s a HUGE difference between an author ‘chasing a trend’ because they *want* to and because that’s where the money is. It seems several of my favorite contemporary romance authors have been dallying in paranormal writing recently, but with less than stellar results. For some, it works. But for others… Let’s just say it’s evident that their heart isn’t in it.

    I think if you LIKE what you write, that passion shines through, regardless of where your muse takes you. And from the amount of excitement you demonstrate just talking about your newfound niche tells me your readers will likely follow you regardless of where you go.

    The thing that hooks me on a story (reardless of genre ~ my tastes run the gamut from historical fiction to mystery, romance to sci-fi, and back again, including the multitude of sub-genres that are available for my greedy eyes to devour ~ the best books are those that combine mutlitple elements of several categories…deep breath, lol…holy parenthetical phrase, Batman!) is whether or not it’s BELIEVABLE. It doesn’t have to be *realistic* but it does have to have believability.

  4. I read across all genres, so the first thing that must catch my eye is an original plot. Because of that, I love for my favorite authors to write in a new genre, because they can really add new twists to a ‘cookie-cutter’ plot line. For instance, a well-seasoned romance writer has the genre down pat, but a writer who normally puts out horror novels will add interesting elements to a romance novel.

    Great question, by the way! I agree with all of you, though, that first and foremost, they must care about and enjoy writing the piece. Otherwise, the indifference will shine through loud and clear.

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