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Sex in the News

Time for another round up of sex in the news. Today we’ll cover dinosaurs, bras, Fifty Shades of Grey, sex toys and the Olympics.

Scientists have recently announced how T-Rex had sex: The 30- ton, four- story tall beasts did it doggy style. The debate goes on as to whether or not they did it in water or on land.

Yes, this is an actual academic debate. (Was it keeping you up at night? Yeah, me either.) Plus there are artists who have spent time depicting dinosaur sex (How’s that for a resume builder and awkward meet-the-family conversation fodder?).

By the way, for those of you planning to write T-rex shape-shifting erotica, the penis was twelve feet long. Don’t hurt your brain trying to picture that. In my mind, it’s like prehistoric hentai.

Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t just rock the book charts, sex toy sales are now booming thanks to the Grey trilogy, and you know what that means…

An article in Forbes’ covering the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena offers an interesting way to pick-up men and also explains why the ebook edition outsells print:

“On Twitter Samantha Hauser explains her decision to stick to digital on the subway: “Kindle for sure. I’ve heard too many boys talk about sizing up girls on the morning train who have that book in their hands!”

Note to self: If I ever become single, try reading a Fifty Shades of Grey paperback in front of really hot guys.

Oh, and at least one hotel is jumping on the erotica bandwagon. Forget the Gideon bible, how about a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey on the nightstand? Yes, there’s now erotica in the guest room. If you want a bible, you have to go down to the front desk and ask for one. I wonder how many folks are confused by the switcheroo? I bet they either try to turn in Fifty Shades as something another guest left behind or quietly tuck it into their luggage to take home.

In the vein of there are no new ideas, four ancient bras were discovered in Austria. Despite being 600-years-old, their design was distinctly modern. The old bras even have decorative lace. (Okay, am I the only one over here going ‘Victoria’s Secret time traveler’ in sotto voce?)

So now the history of underwear goes: bra, corset, bra again as opposed to the previously believed sequence of corset followed by bra. File that tidbit away for future reference.

Also, if you write a story about a time traveling lingerie designer, I want to read it!

Last, we have an article on sex among Olympic athletes. Apparently, sex is a gold medal event. Guess how many condoms elite athletes use during the games?




Not even close!

Try 150,000 condoms.

That’s an increase over China’s 90,000 condoms from the Olympic games four years ago!

How often are the athletes having sex? “Averaged among 10,490 athletes, that’s enough condoms for every athlete to have sex 15 times over the Olympics’ three weeks—double that if, as some claim, they’re all having sex with each other.”

Huh. I’m surprised they aren’t actually averaging once a day over three weeks. You’d think 150,000 condoms would translate to at least twice a day!

Question: How often would you have sex if you were an Olympic hard body?

And that concludes this edition of ‘Sex in the News.’ Have a great day!