So long, and thanks for all the O’s.

This will be my 84th and last post for this blog – at least for the foreseeable future. Writing a blog post isn’t the easiest thing for me, it takes effort, time, and imagination. Although many of my posts may seem like the ramblings of someone who’s not entirely concentrating on what’s going on, and the destination isn’t known before I reach it, that’s mostly not correct. Like, I said, it takes effort.

Lately, that effort has become a burden, for I’m not feeling very much like writing about sex, which is what this blog is supposed to be about. Thus I find myself not a good fit, and that just makes it worse.

I haven’t been writing much erotica at all lately and though I’ve just come up with an idea for a paranormal romance, I’m not sure it will get written. If it does, it will be by a new pen name. I made too many mistakes with Delta, mistakes that I can’t really correct. Echo was focussed on the BDSM aspects of erotica, and she’s not a fit for this. Besides which, Echo’s foray basically bombed, costing me hundreds of hours for almost no return.

But, basically, I’m just very tired. I’m the type of person who needs to cut off contact with others on occasion – in order to re-centre myself, to recharge. This is one of those occasions; I’ve about reached the end of my tether. I’m a member of a few forums, and I’m likely to go off-line there, too.

I do have my own blog – on which I’ve copied the posts from this one because I can’t write more than one every couple of weeks – and I will maintain that as best I can, but because it’s my own blog I won’t feel constricted the way I do here.

This is not a fault of One Handed Writers. I knew what I was signing up for, and 3 years ago it was fun and I thought I had something to say. I’ve never missed my turn, and I hope I’ve entertained. I’ve now put up 84 posts, and 84 is twice 42. 42, as everyone knows is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything – so I’ve answered everything twice. How much more can I afford? Actually, I’ve run out of one-handed-writerly things to impart for the time being, so I guess it’s merely time to say: So Long, and thanks for all the O’s.

If you wish to check in on me, my blog is at:

Live the joy, my friends,

Delta (who also writes as Echo Chambers)

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Why a Serial? Why now?

Why a serial? Why now? If you’re already a friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll probably have heard me referring to Alchemy xii. It’s my current WIP, favorite project, new release, careening juggernaut of a current ‘thing’. In fact, I would say, it’s a tiger that’s got me by the tail! A massive undertaking that’s just gone live and will continue as a rolling serial throughout the whole of 2015.

Alchemy xii - New Year's EveSo what’s the deal about Alchemy xii? The whole thing started a long time ago, probably more than two years ago. An idea sprung to mind that I wanted to write a D/s story in a diary format. Initially, my thoughts were just to write it as a straightforward novel. But gradually over time, as I developed storylines and characters in my mind, I began to wonder if I couldn’t quite literally run it as an ongoing diary.

The genesis of Alchemy xii has been long and slow. There have been false starts and a number of central players breathed life before I was finally happy with the pairing of Harry and Olivia. And in parallel to creating a story arc that could run over the course of a year, I had to work out the logistics of offering not just a serial, but also omnibus editions and the opportunity for readers to subscribe.

But what amazes me about this whole two year process, is the uncanny on-the-nose timing I’ve managed to achieve with Alchemy xii. What do I mean? Look at this way – this month I’m launching a serial that will run for the whole of the next year. When I set out to do this, I wasn’t thinking about the zeitgeist. I hadn’t heard of podcasts – or at least I wasn’t actively listening to them. And if I was binge-viewing my favorite TV series, I certainly didn’t appreciate that this was what it was called. Fast forward to December 2014. The USA and GB are gripped by the This American Life: Serial podcast. I’ve read at least three articles about why now is the time to serialize your fiction in the last month alone. And Netflix and Amazon Prime continue to show how viewers are turned on to episodic story telling in a massive way.

January cover-page1400And I wander into all this with my sweet little story about Harry and Olivia – a Dom and a sub with a difference!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it’s all turning out. I don’t usually get my timing right. I’m not actually a zeitgeist kind of a girl. But just this once, maybe, I’m riding the front of the wave – and I’m going to f**king go for it!

So what exactly made this just the right moment to launch a serial? Releasing fiction in serial form is as old as Charles Dickens himself. In fact, he was an early proponent of the serialization of fiction and released many of his lengthy tomes in bite-size chunks in newspapers or magazines. As did Alexander Dumas of The Three Musketeers fame. Penny dreadfuls and dime novels followed, with their sensationalist storylines and lurid covers. The advent of cheaper printing meant the genre fell out of favor and huge door-stopper tomes became the replacement – perfect for picking up in the airport for that interminable long-haul flight.

But there seems to be a feeling in the air right now that we’ve come full circle. People are reading on mobile devices, snatching a snippet in their tea break or on the commute home. As our concentration spans have shortened, the prospect of wading into a Dickens novel has, for most readers, become the ultimate turn-off. It’s time to turn back the clock in a new way and harness modern technology to provide readers with the same sort of serialization kick that they’re getting from the television and the podcasts.

What could be better than getting hooked on an exciting story and then having a new novella length episode, delivered to your device, on the first of every month? This is what Alchemy xii has to offer – a red-hot club-based BDSM saga that will detail month-by-month the rising sexual tension as my irreverent Dom Harry Lomax struggles to tame his beautiful submissive, Olivia Roux. And while he knows exactly what he needs to do to push all her buttons, she’s doing a wonderful job pushing all his without even realizing it!


subscription pack-page0001The first episode, Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve is available now, free of charge.

The next episode, Alchemy xii – January releases on January 1 and is available for pre-order.

Or you can subscribe to the whole series by visiting the Alchemy xii store.

You dirty, rotten cheat…

Backstage Pass (Let's Make This Thing Happen 1) by PJ AdamsI had an interesting set of reviews for my rock star romance serial Let’s Make This Thing Happen recently which made me pause to think.

One reader had taken the trouble to review each of the three books, even though s/he was clearly uncomfortable with the subject matter. For example:

It is difficult for me to like any of the characters since they are all unfaithful. They actually each deserve an unhappy ending!

So, even though the book is well written, I could only rate it 3 stars.

As a writer I’m fascinated by this kind of response: the reviewer praised the writing, and clearly felt strongly about the characters. The issue was their morality: for this reader ‘cheating’ is fundamentally bad and impossible see beyond.

I’m fine with that: the book descriptions made it clear that my characters were in this particular situation, so most readers with such strong views should have adequate warning.

Romance authors are often advised to avoid anything that involves infidelity for exactly this reason: some readers will react strongly. For me, though, it’s an intriguing area that makes me want to write. Unfaithful: Explicit Stories of Escape and Betrayal(I’ve even compiled a whole boxed-set of erotic stories following this theme, with authors including Tanya Korval, Jade K Scott and others: Unfaithful: Explicit Stories of Escape and Betrayal.)

Don’t get me wrong: I do have my own ethical code. I’m not that keen on cheats and liars per se, but I do take a more sympathetic view of people trapped in dead-end relationships who finally decide to do something about it. Indeed, it goes beyond sympathy: for me there’s a real thrill in the thought of someone taking control of their life, their romance, and their sexuality, and moving on.

Taking the example that set me thinking, Let’s Make This Thing Happen is the story of two main characters, each married to someone else.

Emily has a husband who treats her badly in several ways, many of them triggered by his resentment of her professional success. They still share a house but their marriage is dead – part of the story is about Emily coming to realize this.

Ray is a singer, about to embark on a comeback. He’s been separated from his wife for years, but she’s involved in the business affairs of his old rock group and they’ve never got round to divorce.

Emily, in particular, is torn up over the rights and wrongs of her new relationship with Ray, but is it really fundamentally wrong for them to get together? For me it’s a heartwarming story of two people seizing an opportunity (although things are never that simple, of course, and there are lots of twists and turns along the way).

Maybe I should have followed that advice and stayed away from writing about this kind of relationship, but I never have been all that good at taking advice. Maybe that’s even part of the reason I’m drawn to people who are willing to challenge conventional constraints? Or maybe I’m just over-thinking the attractions of a story about people taking a few risks.

Perhaps my moral stance is different to yours. Am I unusual in taking a sympathetic view of someone who’s trying to move on? In even being excited by the thought of someone breaking out and exploring? I’d find it very difficult to draw a harsh black and white line of right and wrong that would over-ride every other consideration… But maybe that’s just me.

Bah! Hum-Buggery! An Erotic Author Struggles with Christmas

vintage-christmas-pinupThis was going to be the year, it really was.

I was going to do it up right with all the seasonally erotic trimmings: the candy-striped toys, the fluffy red bondage bows; the sexy snowman with Rideable Carrot Nose Action (TM).

Okay, maybe not the last. But I thought I’d take a stab at holiday-themed erotica, at the very least. Maybe a sweet “Stuffing His Stocking” pegging bundle, you know?

Couldn’t do it. Sat down to do it a couple times. Even asked my poor, beleaguered cover artist (who I live with now, so I really have to stay on her good side) to whip up some red-and-green designs for me. And the words just wouldn’t come.

I think it’s time for me to face the facts: I just don’t find Christmas sexy. I don’t! It makes me feel a little bit broken. The sexy Santa girls wearing fluffy hats and not much else can’t do it for me, despite their obvious and widespread appeal.

Maybe it’s the food connection. Sexy Christmas is all about candy cane striped phallic imagery, and all I can think when I look at that is “ahhhh god, sticky twat, yeast infection, no no noooooo,” or words to that effect. Even if it’s not actually made of candy, something that looks like candy is the opposite of sexy for me.

So this December, like last December, and likely all my Decembers to come, has been one big Christmas Marketing Fail. That’s okay, though, because I’m offering discounts on three of my big titles anyway, with no holiday thematic connection whatsoever:

  • A Noblewoman’s Fall, was $4.99, now $2.99. Victorian taboo at its finest: a naughty maid, a blushing young virgin, and a wicked(ish) stepbrother, with plenty of cocks and corsets for everyone.
  • Remedial Programming, was $4.99, now $2.99. Brainwashed cybersluts in a dystopian near-future? It couldn’t get any better unless it involved Harrison Ford and that chick with three tits.

None of them has the slightest thing to do with Christmas, and I am okay with that. Don’t celebrate the season with sexy works by A. Vivian Vane — celebrate your life with them. Aw, baby.

Love, Poetry, Life, Death.

Anyone here believe in Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? Love at First Sight? Yes, I mean Love, not Lust. I’m sure we all believe in Lust at First Sight. We see that hunk or beauty at the beach, on TV, at the Movies, in a magazine, or on the Internet, and think: “Damn, I’d love to get me some of that”, totally in the dark about our amour de jour’s character, beliefs, and attitudes. Yeah, we all believe in that, because those guys and gals are just fantasies give form.

No, I’m not talking about “Lust at First Sight”, but about “Love at First Sight”, a completely different animal. With this one you see the other person, and it’s as if you’ve known and loved them during a different lifetime, and now, just when your subconscious had become resigned to the fact that they were dead, they reappear. You get a sudden feeling like a punch in the gut, and you wonder what the hell just happened. You don’t know, but you suddenly find yourself willing to spend the rest of your life finding out. Love at First Sight? Anyone here believe in that?

I do. It happened to me once. I had gone to another city to take a vocational course and, upon opening the door to the hallway I saw my – what? Soul-mate? – okay, soul-mate standing there just outside our classroom door, back to me, talking to three or four others. I could see no features, little form – for Soul-Mate wore baggy clothing, had long hair, and was at some distance. But there, in that instant, I felt like something had hit me in the stomach, causing the breath to come out of me in an almost gasp. I hesitated, not knowing what was happening, but then walked mechanically down the hall and into the classroom to wait for I knew not what.

We had second period in a neighbouring classroom. I was first in, and claimed a seat. With only two other of twenty-five seats taken, Soul-Mate came in and took the seat beside me – we were at banks, not in rows – which showed me the attraction didn’t run just one way. Long story short, due to our pasts and my fear of getting involved again, we did a little dance throughout the year, moving closer, then a little apart, then closer again, but never actually getting together. We met again a few years later, and prospects seemed good, but nothing came of it. My fault, I fear. Now, decades later, I still think of Soul-Mate with respect and with Love. That will never die.

So, yes, I believe. I used the basic template for my short story, “Kin” – kind of a wish-fulfillment story where the star-crossed lovers finally get another chance. The last section never fails to bring some tears to my eyes.

We all (well, most of us) love poetry. Don’t think so? What are songs but poetry set to music? And most everyone has a favourite song, one that speaks to him or her like not much else ever can. Poets have that wonderful ability to encapsulate a scene, a moment, a description within so few words that novelists and short-story writers sit back in awe of that. Who has not heard a line from a song that hasn’t moved them to tears, to laughter, to joy, to remembrance?

One, from a Canadian singer/songwriter, comes to mind. His name is Lennie Gallant, and in his song, “Man of Steel”, ( he says the following about the wife of the main character who has just received his lay-off notice from the steel plant where he’s worked for over two decades: “Maryanne wears twenty years of worry on her face like she never was young”. And there, in 14 words/19 syllables, he has painted a picture that a novelist might spend pages bringing to us.

I wish I had that ability. Though our appearances change over the years, until some become totally unrecognizable from their more youthful iterations, the voice often changes little. In “Kin” I have Gwen hearing a voice from the past, just like I once heard a voice from the past. Sounds, voices, lyrics, sometimes bring back memories so vivid you’d swear that they happened in the near past. I’m sure that has happened to many of you who read this. I wrote the line, “His voice was like yesterday,” to describe it. That’s about as close as I’ve come. Short and to the point.

Occasionally, I get the complaint that some of my stories are “too short” – as if length in and of itself had some sort of importance. What then of the hundred or two hundred words of a song that tells a story. Is that too short? That’s different; that’s poetry. Right. Speaking of poetry (in the form of songs), the recollection comes upon me of another song, wherein the singer says: “Do you believe in a life before death”. That’s a translation from another language. It brings up something quite different from the previous quote. This time it’s not a description, but an inner seeking, a contemplation.

Do we believe in a life before death? Or do we, like many others, simply live out our days, never risking, accepting what comes? Even action might mean other than what one thinks it means. I have just published a short story called “You Can’t Get There From Here”. In it, a man, on the final stages of a journey to a long-desired goal, stops for directions from a woman standing by a bridge on a lonely country road. The instant attraction forces him to make a choice between a known and the unknown, between a sure thing and a mere promise of that which might not actually deliver. Should he risk all for which he has worked so long for something which might not pan out?

It’s a very short piece of some 2700 words, but it says all I want it to say. Perhaps, this one, too, is wish-fulfillment, based on something I couldn’t do in my past: risk. Had I risked more back at that vocational school, what might have happened? But I chose a safer path, and nothing did. Later, older, I did risk a couple of times. Once it turned out badly, and once the risk paid off. But I carry with me many regrets for having not, way back when.

I’ve put “You Can’t Get There From Here” into Amazon’s Kindle Select, which makes it available for borrowing if you subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited program. In case you don’t, or live in a country where Amazon doesn’t even offer it, I’ve set it free for three days: Wednesday – which is when this post goes live (amazon time), Thursday, and Friday, in case you’ve procrastinated a little in looking at the blog.

If you like it, let me know – leave a review, or a comment on this blog. If you don’t like it, feel free to do the same. I don’t mind.

Well, so much for the fantasy of Love at First Sight. Now, what about Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy? Hmmm. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to leave a glass of milk and some cookies out come December 24th. But I tell you right now, if that damned tooth fairy shows up, I’ll sic the cat on her. I need all the ones I have left.

Until next time, live well — and don’t get into any fistfights to prove or disprove the existence of The Tooth Fairy.

Delta (who also writes as Echo Chambers)

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Is it my turn again?

15163809_s And I don’t have a clue of what to talk about.  You see, I’ve been so busy making crafts for Christmas gifts, preparing for Thanksgiving, working a full-time EDJ and generally just getting my life back in order I lost track of time.

I’ve also been working on upping my marketing skills by taking part in a multi-author box set.  Maybe you’ve seen or even picked up Club Alpha.
club alphaHopefully, if you have picked it up you liked it.  I’ve never been part of a box set before and my goal behind it was two fold.  First, to learn how to market better by allowing myself to be guided/instructed by some of the best in the business. Second, to finally get my name on the best seller list.

Well, I didn’t reach the second goal.  Unfortunately we just fell a little short of making the list.  However, I did learn quite a bit about marketing and I doubled my mailing list subscribers so I guess not all was lost.

Actually, it was a really good experience and I’m glad I participated.  As an indie author who has a full-time job I don’t have the time to research and learn everything needed to be a good author, even part-time.  Being in the box set gave me a crash course in marketing.

I don’t expect to ever make writing my full-time job.  I’ve already learned that when it comes to writing, I’m more artist than business woman.  However, that doesn’t mean I can do my best to make as much money as I can, right?  My ultimate goal is to use my writing money to pay off our debt so that my full-time job can be used for the monthly bills and can be put away for a rainy day.

You see, I have kidney disease and while science is on the verge of a cure for kidney disease, there is no guarantee it will come before I get too sick to work. So my entire reason for writing (besides the obvious of sharing my work with the masses) is to make some money to put myself in a better position when I am too sick to work.  I was a poor marketer.  Now with this experience of the box set maybe I’ll be a little better.

If anyone is interested in reading the article about the research I’m referring to you can find it here.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about putting out a Christmas short that will tie into my Reckless Curves series.  I’m also working on a Fan Fiction piece, working on a new title I’m planning on releasing in February and I still have to finish working on my Christmas List.  So I’m going to go get busy and I’ll see you all again in two weeks.  Maybe by then I’ll have something to talk about.

The soft, sweet whisper…


The soft, sweet whisper…

Is there anything that turns you on more than the soft sweet whisper of your lover’s voice, close by your ear, telling you what they want to do to you when they get you alone and naked? Their lips brushing your lobe as they say the filthy words they know will trigger your response… The power of the human voice is an extraordinary thing. It can elicit any and every emotion, depending on whose voice it is and what tone and volume the words are spoken in. Desire, fear, anger, pity, sympathy, joy, pleasure, adoration—all of these feelings can be elicited.

Naturally, though, as an erotica writer, I’m interested in how the voice of someone you love or find attractive or—sometimes—don’t even know, can bring you up to a state of heightened arousal. The sound of a person’s voice and their particular smell do much more to turn me on than what they look like or whether they’re having a good hair day or not. A soft voice in the darkness, in the still of the night, promising me pleasures to come… Hot damn! Just let me go and find a cool flannel for my forehead.

What got me thinking about this was not actually someone whispering sweetly in my ear in the middle of the night (though he does!) but a realization I came to about all my current celebrity crushes. (I know—it’s pretty sad, isn’t it? What am I? Thirteen years old?) But I was idly wondering what they had in common and—frankly—what it was I saw in some of them.  Believe me, there are some—how can I put it?—unexpected people on my list. Some that might not strike you as particularly attractive. But when they open their mouths? That’s what turns me on. Not their looks. I want their voices, whispering sweet nothings to me in the night, in the back of the taxi, in the restaurant when we’re dining with my parents, in church… Hey, wait, I don’t go to church. Ever. But if I did, these are the people who could whisper dirty things to me up in the organ loft!

So check out some of these voices:

Tom Hiddleston – it was quite hard to get beyond this one and carry on writing!

Matthew McConaughey – likewise, this one!

Idris Elba – and her voice isn’t bad either!

Tom Hardy – I can’t even explain this one – but it does something for me! And of course, it is Tom Hardy!

Gillian Anderson – damn! She’s hot!


And then there are some perfectly beautiful people who I can’t get remotely excited about because they don’t have a voice that does that thing to me. I don’t long to hear David Beckham whispering in my ear as the sun rises—and that means I don’t want David Beckham at all. And, similarly, every time Kiera Knightly opens her mouth, her exquisite beauty fades away, for me at any rate.

I don’t know but I would imagine plenty of different voices hold this sort of sexual sway over people. For example, for me, a man always becomes hugely more attractive once he’s addressed me in an Irish accent. For some people it’s a French accent. For others the husky rasp of the perpetual smoker. Voice is possibly one of the most alluring aspects of a potential new lover—or even an old one for that matter. A lengthy conversation with a super sexy is voice is nothing short of the perfect seduction.

And that fact presents me with a problem.

As a writer of erotica, how can I possibly transfer the unique quality of a voice to the page? There are two issues here. Firstly, how to describe the wonders of a sexy voice without falling into tired clichés about velvety tones and lilting brogues. My best so far? The rock star who had a voice like ‘honey dripping through gravel’. Well, I liked it!

And the second problem? Having described my protagonist’s incredibly sexy voice in his opening scene, how can I ensure that my readers still hear sexy every time he opens his mouth for the rest of the book? I refuse to write regional accents or dialects using hokey spellings—indeed, as all good writers should. The only thing that achieves is to take the reader out of the story. Occasionally, one can suggest an accent through the choice of vocabulary and the construction of the sentences. I’ve found this to be effective for writing, for example, Irish accents, to be sure! But it takes some finesse not to overdo it and it can—and often does—go disastrously wrong. But the tone and cadence that give a voice it’s individual appeal? That’s much harder. Practically impossible to achieve, let alone sustain.

Unfortunately, it means that ultimately one has to trust the reader to remember that Harry speaks with a cut glass English accent every time he opens his mouth or that Melba’s every utterance is delivered in a laconic southern drawl. And that is one area—one of the very few areas, I would say—in which film and television have the edge over books. I can switch on True Detective and immerse myself in the sound of Matthew McConaughey’s aural sex assault on my ears… Sigh…

Bestselling BDSM romance boxed-set for only #99c

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Surrender to the dominance of these thirteen novels from bestselling authors including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers Adriana Hunter, Selena Kitt and Terry Towers.

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Claiming His Tease by Amy Valenti - Josh is all Dom and sexy as hell, and he’s prepared to wait for Lena to come to him. All she has to do is kneel at his feet, and she’ll be his. But is she too stubborn to give him the satisfaction?

Breaking Boundaries by Sienna Stapleton – With the hopes of expanding her sexual horizons, Beth books a weekend at a sexual therapy retreat. Once there, she quickly learns that the weekend will be much more than she bargained for.

The Billionaires’ Club: Deceiving Him by Terry Towers – Going under cover, Lexie finds herself in a world like none other. After she meets the sexy billionaire Vince and is introduced to unimaginable pleasures, can she still go through with her expose?

Club Soria by Emilia Kincade – Maya’s life is falling apart. She runs away to Thailand to find some peace. When she is invited to Club Soria, she doesn’t know what to expect. Her ‘awakening’ catches her entirely by surprise!

The Sybian Club by Selena Kitt - Tasha convinces husband, Max, to buy a Sybian, starting a club to pay for it. Friend Ashley helps but Tasha doesn’t know how to tell Max she wants to add more to their sex life than just a new toy.

His Desire, her Surrender by Malia Mallory – When Marcus tracks Tabitha down to resume the sizzling affair they began in the islands, can Tabitha prove that she has what it takes to be both his partner and his submissive?

Escape by PJ Adams – Just who is the masked stranger at Club Extraordinaire and what is it that draws Julie so powerfully? Is it the way he’s so confident and masterful? Or is it that he reminds her so strongly of her ex?

Pavlov by Arden Aoide – Tyrone Parker had obstinacy down to an art and was the reigning champion of Having the Last Word. He had his own definition of Domination that had women running away fast. Until the one that stayed.

Control: Masters of the Sanctuary by Elsa Day – When Amy sneaks into the sanctuary, she has no idea what she’s in for. She runs into trouble, and Master J is the only one who can help her. But his health comes with a price: her total submission.

At the Billionaire’s Command by Juliette Jaye - Recent small town transplant to New York City Sophie never expects to hook up with the billionaire boss of her company. But the even bigger surprise is when she finds herself falling in love with him.

Rough Edges by Adriana Hunter – I didn’t expect to wake up, unable to move. When he told me that I was a player in his wicked game I knew I had made a mistake. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want it. At least not in the beginning.

Club Red by Sophie Sawyer - When curvy beauty Tori visits Club Red for no-strings fun, the last thing she expects is to find everything she ever wanted!

Precious Pet by Candy Quinn – What started as a way to make some extra money ended with a demi-god opening college student Rachael’s mind to the bliss and freedom of submission.
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Submission, Taken to the Extreme

It should not surprise readers of any of my titles to hear that I find submission erotic. Most of my books are told from the point of view of submissive characters; most of the character arcs follow a journey toward accepting, in one way or another, a more submissive role than the character began with.

Not a lot of heroes or heroines walk out of A. Vivian Vane stories feeling empowered, I guess is what I’m saying here.

My “erotic dystopias” are where I take this to its logical extreme: submission not just as a personal kink but as a government-sponsored, tax-subsidized cultural value. (Usually, because I try to write worlds that feel familiar to a modern reader, with a hefty hint of corrupt corporate influence behind it all.)

Remedial-ProgrammingMy newest title, Remedial Programming, (which you can preorder on Amazon for $2.99 right now, saving 40% on the final cover price) has a whole generation of humans brought up relatively mindless and obedient, and while the story focuses on one earmarked for specific sexual training, it’s clear throughout that the non-sexualized “zeroes,” as they’re called, aren’t much better off. Doing what you’re told and enjoying it are very, very important in the world of Remedial Programming.

There’s disagreement as to the best way to get humans to go along meekly, of course, and that provides much of the plot, but the sexual themes are solidly submissive. I like to think of it as a fantasy escape for people who are really tired of making decisions.

Because that’s all we’re really talking about, right? It’s the freedom from responsibility, including responsibility for one’s own body and sexuality. A lot of people find that freedom very, very arousing. Maybe they can’t help wondering what life would be like if the submissive many all acted that way and let the dominant few run the world.

It’s not everyone’s fantasy. But it’s certainly some people’s. I hope they get a chance to check out Remedial Programming (and its more breeding-focused cousin, SLUT for the State).

Because if submission is sexy, why wouldn’t we take it to a culturally-permeating extreme? Only in our fantasies, of course…


“Remedial Programming” is available on preorder for $2.99, with delivery Nov. 28. Or, if that’s not your cup of tea, try a frolicsome steampunk lesbian adventure full of thoroughly consenting cunnilingus in “Princess Serena and the Captives of Castle Cagebird.” And as always, visit the bookshelf at A. Vivian Vane Talks Dirty for the full catalog, or join the A. Vivian Vane mailing list for all the latest releases, special offers, and more. 

Que Sera Sera…

…whatever will be, will be.

That song is stuck in my head. It’s kind of fitting though, because today is my last post on this awesome website.

I have some personal issues that will be taking up quite a bit of my time, plus the holidays are swiftly coming as well, and since writing is now my full time job, it is FaceBook, blogs and forums which I need to cut.

Plus, I just suck at this blogging stuff.

One of the reasons I joined, besides loving the site and wanting to be a part of it, was that I knew it gave me a deadline. Post twice a week, come hell or high water. I figured that would help me stay on top of it, but man, I just really suck at it. I haven’t missed a single post, but it has become a strain instead of a joy.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for having me, for reading me, for putting up with me, lol.

Normally this is where I’d leave you with a freebie or something, but I have nothing running free until Friday, so alas, I can’t even gift you with free smut upon my exit.

I wanted to say good bye with some awesome, kick ass, inspirational post, but… did I mention I suck at this?

My heart is heavy, for many reasons. Please, pray for me if you are a praying sort, and keep me in your thoughts if you are not.